Welcome to Bombay Daak

Daak is Hindi for postal letters. And Bombay, come on!

I wanted to get beyond the headlines and the immediate and explore things that are more compelling. Less pressing, more meaningful. The way letters are.

The things covered in these letters are not very specific, but if the idea of creative expression excites you then I’m sure you will find something useful. That’s the aim.

These letters also come with my own context about what moved me enough to share it; I see these newsletters as a piece of content in itself and not just an aggregation of links. They are after all my letters to you. But I try to keep it short.

Finally, it is Bombay Daak, because I am from Bombay, and most of my mails will have a tinge of India or my city, but I try not to make it all about it. These are letters of the world.