Welcome to Bombay Daak

Daak is Hindi for postal letters. And Bombay, come on!

I wanted to get beyond the headlines and the immediate and explore things that are more compelling. Less pressing, more meaningful. The way letters are.

Finally, it is Bombay Daak, because I am from Bombay, and most of my mails will have a tinge of India or my city, but I try not to make it all about it. These are letters of the world.

A Post Script : On Seasons

I wrote 26 letters last year (2020) on Bombay Daak and then ended it on the last Sunday of October. As I said in that letter, I liked the idea of running this newsletter like a TV show of sorts, work on it in seasons. So expect Daak to arrive in your inboxes for a few months every year and then we bid adieu to come back in some interesting new shape with interesting new perspectives and stories.

Meanwhile if you’d like to keep in touch, then Bombay Daak is on Instagram. And you can find me, Maneesh Madambath, your author of these letters at @maneesh30 on Instagram and @maneeshm on Twitter. I also write occasionally on my website www.maneesh.net.

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